Friday, June 03, 2011


How do I participate?:

1. Sign up at your library
2. Get your "Passport"
3. Earn tickets to win prizes/a free book/ and come to the pizza party. Prizes include gift certificates to local stores.

How do I earn tickets?:

1. Read 300 minutes each week. Record your time in your "Passport."
2. Take a photo (5 maximum) with your cell phone or camera and email it to the library at (5 tickets) More information about the photo requirements can be found in the passport.
3. Write a book review. Include author, title, and why you liked or did not like the book. (5 tickets)

Bring your Passport and get your tickets whenever you come into the library.

Read 300 minutes each week to complete the program. Then come to the pizza party and get your book.

What to Read

You can read books, magazines, graphic novels, newspapers, ebooks, and web sites.

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